Alias Rosita

Reminds me of Austin Power's "Fembots". Amidst the election turmoil, other news might come unnoticed by readers but this one catched my eye: the actress and model Jimena Araya, commonly known as “Rosita”, was declared this week a fugitive of the law. Apparently she is being accused of helping the gangleader of Tocoron prison and 14 inmates of his inner-circle escape. Unless she was the one that digged the tunnel, one may expect this is the sort of story in which either she was the one that paid the bribe or seduced the guards into submission while the prisoner escaped behind their backs.

Pardon me but how did this woman ever get to be an actress in Venevision? – I guess by being voluptuous.- Didn’t they run a background check on her?  I mean, the authorities are even stating she was a member to the criminal gang of the pran prior to his imprisonment and that she trafficked women into Tocoron – guess for what purpose. Obviously she still was very connected to him, either sentimentally or professionally.

It’s not only on TV that women dressed in leather pants and jackets are members of criminal gangs. Couple of friends of mine were mugged by a woman motorcyclist carrying a gun. She even threatened shooting one of them when he threw his watch at her instead of handing it.

Still, how could Rosita maintain two parallel lives and never be caught? How are her colleagues feeling now? Likely they are freaked out knowing this woman could have been informing kidnappers of their whereabouts.

Perhaps in some other country, this issue might have brought lots of criticism to Venevision and raised a series of social issues. But in present day Venezuela where ethics are completely twisted thanks to 14 years of lawlessness and corruption, Rosita will likely become a role-model to the many women who – knowing no better – have followed the path of prostitution and crime.



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